salicylic-acid-pure-edit25 kgs HDPE bags

Salicylic Acid –Pure


Product Description

Molecular Formula  C7H6O3
CAS Registry No.  [69 – 72 – 7]
Molecular weight 138.1
Reference In-house
Chemical Name Salicylic acid
Other names       2- Hydroxybenzoic acid
2-hydroxybenzenecarboxylic acid
HSN  2918 2110

 Molecular Structure

 Product Description and Specifications

S. No. Tests Specifications
1. Description A White Crystalline powder or smooth powder or colourless or acicular crystals.
2. Identification Test A : melting point, between 158°C-161°C

Test B : Reaction (a) of salicylates.

3. Chlorides (ppm) NMT 250
4. Sulphates (ppm) NMT 450
5. Sulphated ash (% w/w) NMT 0.30
6. Moisture (% w/w)( By  KF method ) NMT 0.30
7. Assay (on anhydrous basis) (%, w/w) NLT 98.50


 ISO 9001:2015; ISO 14001:2015; and OHAS 18001:2007 Management System Standards


  • Key ingredient in many skin-care products
  • Manufacturing animal healthcare products
  • Used in organic synthesis


All raw materials for manufacturing Salicylic Acid, except Phenol, are in-house products.


  • If absorbed through skin, causes skin irritation.
  • If inhaled, causes  irritation, coughing, sneezing and shortness of breath may occur.
  • Causes serious eye irritation.
  • Ingestion of sizable amounts can cause abdominal pain, vomiting and in creased respiration and mental disturbances.


25 kgs net HDPE bags inside LDPE Liner