May 20, 2017
The Company has Expanded and Diversified

The company has expanded and diversified over the years to produce Sugar,  Organic & Inorganic…

May 1, 2001
Golden Jubilee

2001 Golden Jubilee for the group was presided by Shri Nara Chandrababu Naidu, Hon Chief…

May 20, 1986
Big leap for this Indian Company

1986 a big leap for this Indian Company, as it met the entire requirement of…

May 20, 1974
The Andhra Sugars Ltd., Celebrated their Silver Jubilee
1974 for Tanuku was a special year as The Andhra Sugars Ltd., celebrated their Silver…
May 20, 1962
Marked the setting up of a Chemical Plant
1962 marked the setting up of a chemical plant to utilise the by-products from the…
May 20, 1960
Fertiliser plant
1960 witnessed the putting up of a fertiliser plant in Kovvur, on the banks of…
May 20, 1960
1952 Saw the commissioning of the plant and the crushing of canes begun
1952 saw the commissioning of the plant and the crushing of canes begun. From a…
May 20, 1960
The Andhra Sugars Limited
Tanuku, a historic little town in West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh on the banks…